Welcome To Posturelates: A New Take on Core Strength, Injury Prevention and Corrective Exercise

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Posturelates! We are a Mother-Daughter Duo from Pennsylvania. Our blog will focus on Core Strength, Injury Prevention, Corrective Exercise & Posture in a personal training platform… and other unique and interesting fitness ideas. Because, after all, we have Ultimate Powers To Blog!!! Yet itty bitty tiny blogging space.

There’s a lot going on in the fitness sphere today on the internet.  Our goal is to add a new take on how to execute proper form to build a foundation that will help to prevent injuries, as well as address current injuries and issues. When a building is being constructed, it needs a proper foundation to support the rest of the structure.  The body is similar in that it also needs a strong foundation to support what the rest of the body is doing. You are only as strong as your core. It does not matter what your arms and legs can do if your core can not support the work they are doing.  What happens is that the body compensates in some way and over time this causes injuries. The core is the center of it all, all the energy passes through it. Just like when a link in a chain is damaged, the link becomes weak and then affects the strength of the rest of the chain.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “you are only as strong as your weakest link.”

So many fitness sites focus on results and plow through leaving behind poor posture and form which lead to greater chances of injury.  We will focus on core strengthening, correct form and posture.  Which will not only lead to great results, but also prevent injuries from happening. We can’t fix every issue or prevent every injury, but our program is designed to improve your balance and posture and correct as many muscle imbalances as possible.

We have worked with individuals who have had knee replacements, full ankle replacement, hip replacement, back problems, knee problems, plantar fascitis (and other foot issues), athletes (both injured and healthy) and everyone in between.

We can’t fix everything or prevent every injury, but our program is designed to significantly improve your fitness experience.

The Artisans- Sculpting a new you.


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