Psoas I Was Saying: Say Goodbye To Lower Back Pain

If you have read any of my other blog posts you know that I LOVE the movie The Princess Bride.  One of my favorite quotes from the movie is when Wesley says, “Life is pain, highness.  Anyone who says differently is selling something.” I agree with Wesley that life really is pain, but I don’t think that pain has to include lower back pain. Thus, I want to “sell” you on a different solution to relieve back pain. 

One of the biggest issues that my clients have is lower back pain.  A lot of my client’s golf, which can contribute to lower back pain issues.

Below is a stretch (Child’s Pose) for the upper part of the Psoas muscle.


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To Specialize Early or Not to Specialize Early, That is the Question

Early sports specialization in young athletes is a hot topic right now.  I personally don’t think that it is good to start training kids for just one sport at an early age (early elementary years).  I think that when children have a lot of opportunities to take part in many different sports they become better well rounded athletes.  I ran across a very unique case of early specialization sports training.  My son Matt and I both have a love of running and like to learn about different sports.  This love of running and learning about different sports led us to a documentary about LoLo Jones.  For those of you who do not know who LoLo Jones is, she is an Olympic class runner who specializes in the 60 and 100 meter hurdles.  We enjoyed watching and learning about LoLo so much that we looked for other athletes to learn about.  We found a documentary on Todd Marinovich.   Continue reading

The Reluctant {Dragon} Exerciser

Credits to disney wiki Image retrieved from

Credits to disney wiki
Image retrieved from

Something both me and my mom (Tiffany) share from my childhood is our love for an old cartoon called The Reluctant Dragon (by Disney). This cartoon follows a young boy who wishes to see his favorite Knight fight a dragon. He finds a dragon in a nearby cave and tries everything he can think of to convince the dragon to fight with the knight, but the dragon always refuses. The Dragon finally gives in to participating in the fight when it is presented to him as an opportunity to show off his acting skills. The reason the dragon finally decides he will  fight is that he LOVES to act and perform in front of an audience. He doesn’t like to fight, but if he thinks it is just acting he’s all for it.

The same is true about exercise. Most people know what it feels like to be reluctant to exercise, in fact some might even dread the very thought of exercising all together, just like the reluctant dragon felt about fighting. Nevertheless, there is still hope! All you need to do is find something you are passionate about.

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Welcome To Posturelates: A New Take on Core Strength, Injury Prevention and Corrective Exercise

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Posturelates! We are a Mother-Daughter Duo from Pennsylvania. Our blog will focus on Core Strength, Injury Prevention, Corrective Exercise & Posture in a personal training platform… and other unique and interesting fitness ideas. Because, after all, we have Ultimate Powers To Blog!!! Yet itty bitty tiny blogging space. Continue reading