Hi Everyone!  If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, i’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. No potential chances for meeting up with your current significant other here, just a couple of people who like fitness. We are a mother/daughter duo from Pennsylvania. We have teamed up to put out a different perspective on fitness.


Hi I’m the mother part of this duo.  My name is Tiffany and I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor.  No one of real consequence to most of the world. Just someone who has a passion for helping people live healthy and happy lives through exercise.  I want to share what I do with other people because I have seen my clients quality of life improve tremendously and I want others to have the same opportunity to improve their quality of life.  I have worked with individuals who have had knee replacements, a full ankle replacement, hip replacements, back problems (lower back and herniated discs, etc.), knee problems (runner’s knee, etc.), foot issues (plantar fasciitis), athletes (both injured and healthy) and everyone in between.  Most of my clients are country club members and they play a lot of golf.  These clients have seen an increase in the distance they are able to hit the ball because they have more power through core strength and greater flexibility.  My clients tell me how they have tried many other exercise programs in the past but have never stayed very long with any of them because they have never achieved the kind of results that they were looking for.  The reason that they are still clients is that they are getting results, dealing with fewer injuries, and have found that it helps them in their everyday tasks.

So, if I am no one of consequence to most of the world then what makes me think that I am qualified to tell people how to exercise?  I have a Master’s degree in Human Movement (Kinesiology) from AT Still University.  I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, and  a Performance Enhancement Specialist.  My journey started when I lived in Jackson Hole.  I couldn’t afford a gym membership so I babysat a few hours a month in exchange for membership. We moved from Jackson Hole to California.  I belonged to a women’s gym and they posted a sign that said they were looking for aerobics instructors.  I was interested in becoming an instructor.  While waiting for class one day I was talking to one of my favorite instructors and we got on the subject of teaching aerobics and she told me that she would help me learn how to do it.   This was a perfect part time job that paid well, allowed me to exercise, and let me take my kids with me (I had 4 at the time – I now have 6).   I eventually became an instructor and then a few years later we moved across the country to Pennsylvania.  It was a challenge to come to Pennsylvania and find a position as an aerobics instructor for many reasons, but eventually I ended up teaching at most of the fitness facilities in the area.  At one point I was asked to get my personal training certification because one of the facilities was adding a new weight room and they wanted to have someone in there at all times.  As I continued looking for more opportunities to personal train, I was able to find a position with a couple of the country clubs in the area.  This opportunity has changed my perspective on fitness and enabled me to gain insight into the role that posture and correct form play in injury prevention and how to tweek regular exercises to build core and glute strength to help prevent injuries.

Hey guys, my name is Erica and I am the daughter of Tiffany. I have a passion for both fashion, beauty and fitness. I want to bring my passion and vision to the fitness world, through innovative and fresh methods. I grew up with my mom being a personal trainer, and have been inspired by the creativity of the fitness world. It is an artform to me. The ability to manipulate and transform the body is truly inspirational.

At the moment I am a Psychology Major at Brigham Young University, looking into going into Sports Psychology or Human Movement (Kinesiology). I’m an avid soccer player (a super aggressive defender at that). I grew up doing all kinds of sports under the watchful eye of my personal trainer mother. My mother got her masters when I was in high school, and I had the “opportunity” to read over my moms papers as an editor for her.  Posturelates has been an integral part of most of my life, and has even influenced the way I see the world around me. The first things I happen to notice in the people around me is their posture and how they walk. I can’t express how much it kills me to see people with such poor posture walking the campus day after day.  I just want to run up to them and smack them! (Maybe that would somehow throw them into alignment) Posture is a very attractive trait, and in all honesty poor posture is a big turn off. So ladies and lads, fix your posture through Posturelates you so don’t scare off the people around you. Who knows you might just be unintentionally annoying some random girl on campus.


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